Package Tracking Shutdown

Hello Users,

I first want to start by apologizing for the silence that has fallen on this project, I realise this was very frustrating and quite frankly rude on my part as your time and questions are important and should be treated as such. The lack of communication about the status of this project has created confusion as to what it's state and purpose is going forward, but I want to clear that up today.

Starting in January 2014 and going until about fall 2014 this project was put into maintenance mode, no new features would be developed and updates would be made to the app to restore tracking functionality if it broke for users. The intent was always to return to active development but being the sole maintainer as well as a student, husband, and full time developer I found no time to commit to bringing the project back to life. In fall 2014 I decided to deprecate the project by removing it from the app store, my time constraints and the fact that Google could now natively track with almost all shipment carriers on Android meant the role I wanted this application to fill was no longer needed. From that point on the application was left to run as long as it could, no more updates would be made for existing users and no new users could download the app.

Today there are still many active daily users, but the application is no longer the helpful entity that I wanted it to be. Nearly every shipment carrier has evolved their technology stack to the point that mobile and alert based package tracking is supported by them. I urge the remaining users to embrace these first-party tracking methods as they will be more accurate and stable for you.

If you do continue to want a shipment agregator there are many that are available in the Play Store, but do be careful how much information they ask of you. Package Tracking was meant to be a helpful tool, that's why you never needed to provide anything or register an account to use the standalone phone app. An account was required for the website integration but only your name and email were needed and all shipments were deleted when you clicked delete. A tool should help you accomplish a task, not monitor you while you do it.

Going forward no new signups will be allowed on the website and the long standing beta version will be taken down completely. The website will remain up until the end of 2016 so you may retrieve any of your old package numbers, but after that it will be taken down. Even though this is the end of Package Tracking your security is still important, all data on the site will be erased after it has been removed, but I will keep the domain active until clients are no longer accessing the tracking API.

I thank you for all your support over the years and hope that Package Tracking was at one point the tracking tool for you that I always wanted it to be.